Monday, October 22, 2012

Tickety Boo 'Do

So I followed Tupney's curly top set, setting it in tight rolls around the front as per the instructions. But when I unrolled the front, well you should have seen it! I had a proper, full-on afro, no exaggeration. No amount of brushing would calm the ringlets into submission - seriously! Luckily (as I'd washed it in the morning and put it in rollers for the day) I had overnight to let the curls relax a little. Thankfully, by the morning they had calmed down somewhat, and I was able to coax them into a rather swish front wave. I rolled the side sections and had a stab at a back roll (which stayed in long enough to photograph, but had started to unfurl by the time I'd walked to the post office - I seriously cannot get the hang of these things).

Anyway, to go with my forties 'do I threw together an appropriately forties outfit. This dress is one of my faves (as you can probably tell as I've worn it on numerous occasions), and is conveniently in the perfect colours for me.

The back of the hairstyle - don't look too closely!

Outfit details: 1940s rayon dress, Dead Man's Glory; Shoes, New Look; 1940s fur cape (my views on vintage fur), charity shop; Gloves, Vintage Fair at Spitalfields; Handbag, can't remember.


  1. It looks smashing, and you are so photogenic....envy, envy, ha ha!

  2. You look absolutely dashing! I love the dress and the Tickety do looks amazing on you, too. As for the roll on the back: you're not alone on this. I always fail them.

  3. I think your hair looks splendidly pretty! That swooping wave in the front is especially lovely and so, so evocative of the 40s.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Fabulous outfit and so well put together! You look lovely!

  5. I’ve been setting my hair for about 7 years and I’m afraid I always have afro hair to start off with – I’ve had to learn to work with it!!! I only set my hair once a week and find that actually having the extra curly hair to start with helps it to last.
    I forget that most people aren’t use to such frizzy conditions, as it’s something I encounter every week with the type of techniques I use- sorry!
    The end result looks lovely though : )

    Tupney x

    1. It's quite good in a way, as it means I now actually can't leave the house without styling it in some way - good discipline!

      xx Charlotte

  6. I really need to learn some tips and tricks for hair from you:) Fabulous hair style:)

  7. Well, it sure looks fabulous now even if it started as a crazy mess of curls. (and I am so glad to know that I am not the only gal who has trouble with the back roll! I can't get them to stay for the life of me.)

  8. I think you look so gorgeous! You hair is so pretty, maybe you should try more hairspray, bobby pins or using a hair rat to make it stay in longer? As I have waist length hair which is really thick, I do have some trouble styling it in pin curls as I have to do tiny curls which take ages so that they will hold, and if I accidentally do it wrong, then it looks as though I have been dragged through a bush!
    Love Lil x

  9. The hairstyle is magnificent! My cat, Henry just licked the computer, so I think he likes it too! Haha


  10. adorable outfit. love the cape.

  11. Love your hair! You look amazing with that do! So jealous - as a vintage lover I feel so stupid having a pixie cut, I don't get to try some amazing do's!

    Nora Finds


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