Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lieutenant Craig Dymock

Lieutentant Craig Dymock 1922-2004

To mark Remembrance Sunday I thought I'd post this picture of my uncle Craig, who served - and was wounded - in World War II. A rather dashing chap I'm sure you'll agree - and doesn't he look Scottish?

Craig signed up aged 18 in 1940 straight from school (where he was school captain!), joining the Royal Tank Regiment. In 1943 he was seconded to - and remained in - the Parachute Regiment - you can see his parachute badge in the photo (he was impressed when he heard about my static-line skydiving while I was at university, saying we were the only two Dymocks to have jumped out of a plane). After parachuting into Greece in 1944 he was wounded in street fighting with ELAS communists, and was subsequently posted to the Isle of Wight and Ringway parachute training school.

In 1992 a 70-year-old Uncle Craig drove a tank with my father (who was writing an article about it for the Sunday Times) and my brother, another Craig.


  1. Bless him! He was very dashing!!! xox

  2. Indeed, he really does cut a strikingly dashing figure and sounds like a wonderful man. Thank you very much for introducing us to your uncle. My sincere thanks go out to him for his service.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Lovely photo, I'm glad he came back from it all.

  4. What a brave man! I hope he had fun driving the tank in a peacetime situation.

  5. My grandfather fought in World War II as well (but with the Americans!), and now I'm dating a man in the military. Thanks for remembering brave men and women for their service!


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