Monday, November 5, 2012

{Pencil Skirt Sew-along} Inspiration

If you think pencil skirts are boring, think again! There are lots of decorative details you can employ to add flair to a simple skirt. Note: obviously I can't cover every single possible variation, but if there is a high demand for a particular technique I will consider including it.

A button tab to the top of the kick pleat gives a polished, professional-looking touch. I also like how the waist darts are angled in this pattern.

Oversize patch pockets or faux pocket flaps are very 50s.

Fishtail pleats or a hemline flounce add glamour.

A different style on the theme is a wrap-effect skirt with button detailing.

You could make a high waist skirt and add straps for a pinafore look.

Make a matching cape!

Decorate the front with ric-rac trim - why not?

A shaped waistband lends a designer touch to an otherwise simple, workaday skirt.


  1. Aren't they marvellous? I'm in love with the last one especially. I have a big thing for those swishy New Look type skirts.

  2. I love these illustrations! =) x

  3. I like the back of the second to last one, with the double pleat detail and button accents. Probably good for getting a skirt out of an awkwardly shaped piece of fabric.

  4. I saw one I really liked with a tiny pleat in the front kick pleat... very nice :)
    I ended up buy a 1940s narrow skirt... and am watching a few ;)

  5. Love the fishtail pleating, though fancier than my life demands so I'll admire that style on others. lol I like the idea of the little button tab above the kick pleat, too. So many options!

  6. I would like to sew two skirts, pattern 3330 one with the oversize pockets, and pattern 7909 with the ric rac. I find those two styles adorable, and certainly see myself wearing them this Winter Season.


  7. Pencil skirts are one of my all-time favourite garments. I love full, flouncy circle skirts, and certainly do wear them sometimes, but know that pencil and a-line styles often look better on my figure, so I've tried be heavy handed in the skirt department of my wardrobe when it comes to this classic style. I completely agree that they needn't be boring and really enjoyed seeing the timelessly pretty selection you included here.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Ooh, please show fishtail pleats, they're so elegant. :)

    1. I don't actually know how to make the fishtail pleat! Although if you want to buy me the pattern I'll be more than happy to do a tutorial :)

      xx Charlotte

  9. A pencil skirt with some detailing was already in my mind - this might get it happening! Should be fun to see everyone else's ideas too. Thanks for organising.

  10. I adore pencil skirts and are a large part of my wardrobe as I think they are easy to wear and style as well as looking effortlessly vintage and glam. I love the top blue pencil skirt with the detailing on the top of the pleat at the back. Beautiful colour too,
    Love Lil x


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