Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shop my closet (and more)

So I had a clearout of some more items from my wardrobe, and as last time, blog readers get to have first pick before they go into my etsy shop.

Gorgeous 1940s floral wrap house dress with pockets £40 SOLD
Single press-stud closure at waist (I recommend adding more fastenings to use as daywear! I've got it safety-pinned at the bust). As the dress is a wrap style the sizing is flexible a couple of inches either way.
Bust 37" / Waist 30" / Length 40" / Shoulders 14.5"

Hobbs 1930s style gored tweed skirt £20 SOLD
Size 14 / Waist 32" (sits low on the waist on me) / Hips 40" / Length 27.5"

1980s glitzy paisley jacket (belonged to my mother in the 80s!) with padded shoulders £25
There are pulls in the embroidery on the sleeves (email for pics).
Bust 37" / Length 18"

Marks & Spencer stripe cotton cardigan £8
Size 12 / Bust 36" (unstretched) / Length 20"

1960s navy polka dot crimplene mini dress £30
Labelled: Aldens Fashions Chicago, IL.
Bust 39" / Waist 32" / Length 31.5"

Nautical skirt by Peck & Peck, Fifth Avenue New York £24
Waist 27" / Hips 39" / Length 26"

Wool plaid A-line skirt (homemade, metal zip - could be 40s but I suspect 70s) £18 SOLD
Waist 28" / Length 26.5"

Buttercream blouse with smocked shoulders and dinky Peter Pan collar £15
100% polyester
Bust 40" (meant to be worn blousy) / Length 22" / Shoulders 15"

Cherry red pure wool capelet made by me from a 1951 pattern £40 SOLD
Fully lined, bound buttonholes and everything

I ship worldwide - and when you buy direct from me I charge only actual postage with no packing costs.


  1. Eek I wish I could buy the lot! You do pull this look off so well. x

  2. Gorgeous items - you must have one helluva wardrobe if you're willing to sell this little lot - nice job on the cherry cape, it looks delicious!

  3. Definitely a closet worth rummaging in!

  4. My stars, you have an amazing wardrobe, and to be commended on being able to part with some of these stylish, beautiful treasures.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Long time lurker, first time commenter -- wish I could fit smaller clothes, otherwise I'd steal that nautical skirt and the capelet with no hesitation! Alas... ;_; Great items! Wish I could help clear things out! I really wonder where all the 5'11" ladies' clothes ended up. ;)


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