Sunday, November 25, 2012

Store updates

Offers considered on most items, so don't be shy! I'm happy to ship internationally at cost - no handling or packing fees.

1930s style (1980s vintage) nautical peplum dress with Art Deco square buttons £20
Bust 38" / Waist ~32" (elastic) / Length 45"

1960s crimplene mini dress with lace balloon sleeves (metal back zip) £20
Bust 38" / Waist 32" / Length 33"

1980s satin jacket with flocked black polka dots and roses £12
Bust 36" / Waist 31" / Shoulders 16" / Length at centre back 22"

Peachy beige acrylic cardigan £20
Labelled Skylar, Made in England / size 12 34"
Bust 34-36" / Waist 24-29" / Length 20" / Sleeve cuffs 11"

60s style navy blue stripe cotton shift dress £12
Bust 38" / Waist 35" / Length 34"

1980s swagged skirt by Frank Usher £30
Made in Great Britain / Waist 28"

80s gored blue skirt by St. Michael £12
Size as label: Waist 28" / Length 32" / Hips 38"

Seksay granny knit! 1970s crochet/laceknit belted cardigan £6

Gingham peasant blouse embroidered with poppies & daisies £12
Size XXL / Bust 46" (meant to be blousy, obviously) / Elastic waist 32-40"

Vintage 1980s Laura Ashley black velvet full length cape £90 SOLD
Labelled size Medium


  1. It's such a shame, I love all the clothes you put on sale, but we don't have the same measures so nothing fits me. Nooooo!! :(

  2. Hello Charlotte! You have so many nice clothes here, I wish I were a tiny bit bigger, they'd all be just a tiny bit too big (chest too small!) That Frank Usher skirt is aaaaaamazing! I recently bought a Frank Usher dress in a vintage shop and I am so happy with it but not had an occasion to wear it yet! Maybe Christmas day!

  3. Replies
    1. They're not listed on etsy yet - I offer blog readers the chance to buy at a lower price direct from me before listing them.

      Xx Charlotte

  4. Sigh... if only my belly were multiply inches smaller, but I haven't seen those numbers since before babies. They are beautiful clothes though, wish I could fit into them. My teen daughter could, but at 13 she simply wouldn't appreciate them.

  5. Too cute, and your hair looks so amazing!!!

  6. I love how fantastic - and at home in - you look in fashions from a range of decades. Gorgeous garments one and all, dear gal - best of luck with all your sales.

    ♥ Jessica


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