Friday, November 9, 2012

Style & Textile in Vogue 1955

I just thought I'd share a few scans from copies of Vogue magazine, 1955. These are taken from the February, March and April issues. I'm especially in love with the Wemco "Trans-World" fabrics, in (somewhat random) association with TWA - I've looked around online for more examples of this line but I'm drawing a blank. The red starburst design especially just epitomises fabric design of the era. I love that there were adverts for actual fabric back then, rather than RTW fashion - I'm sure you don't get fabric adverts in Vogue now (not that I read it, so correct me if I'm wrong). I also find it interesting that at the time it seems common to have a retailer and fabric house run joint adverts, so you have the Frank Usher ad tagged with the byline "in Gazelle cotton".


  1. I love the TWA fabric connection too- very randomly 'everything is futuristic, even cotton' and 50s!

  2. I love old copies of Vogue, I'd give anything to collect them. But have you seen the price of the things? Eyewatering!

  3. Oh how my 1950s loving soul adores these fantastic mid-century fabrics (and fashions). Each one is such a great work of art, and makes me wish that I could hop in a time machine and go buy all of them up right now! :)

    Wishing you an awesome weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I always thought being a textile designer would be so dreamy. If only I could paint!


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