Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY 1950s Christmas Wrapping Paper

Okay, it didn't turn out quite as glamorous as I had pictured it, but I thought I'd post it all the same! Behold my DIY Christmas wrapping paper, inspired by designs from the 1950s (my original plan was to duplicate the original midcentury giftwrap below, but when my first attempt looked like something my four-year-old nephew Teddy might have created, I realised I'd have to simplify). I cut my own stamps from fun foam, mounted them on some acrylic sheet which I had lying around, and added a sellotape handle. A squeeze of acrylic paint, a roll of brown parcel paper and a few paper plates later, and voila. It's not entirely a masterpiece, but I think it's quite effective - right?


  1. Very creative...love it! I so appreciate DIY projects. It makes it more personal. Great job!


  2. That turned out great! Wanna try it myself now! :)

  3. What a festively fun idea! Your paper turned out wonderfully! I have scads of stamps amongst my paper crafting supplies, but haven't ever really dabbled in making my own (save for using fruits, veggies and leaves as stamps on occasion). What a cute, inexpensive holiday idea - thank you for sharing it.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Great fun! Makes me feel all nostalgic for the designs I remember as a child.

  5. What a fun idea! I really do like DIY projects and yours turned out fabulously. Much better than bought paper, I think. I may just have to steel your idea and try some for myself.

  6. Very cute! My mom and I used to stamp gift wrap sometimes (and cards more frequently, probably because it was easier). It's a fun way to personalize things!


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