Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Modern-Vintage Winter Footwear

Following up from yesterday's post on vintage winter shoes, I've been scouting around for appropriately vintage-looking winter footwear and I thought I'd share what I've found! The first one is probably my favourite - a perfect balance of vintage look, style and practicality.


  1. I am loving this vintage footwear series! I am also loving those Madelyn Ella boots (as I am really not too good with higher heels)...may just have to check them out... :)

  2. The 'edible' one has such a funny name (as well as looking the warmest, so I may have to try it).

  3. What a coincidence! I was looking at somje of those shoes last night on the Clarks website. I couldn't decide if the furry ones are too 'old lady' but they do look cosy. I might have to get the Clarks K Madelyn Ella, I can't do high heels any more.

  4. Oh wow, I love how Victorian those first 1940s boots look!

    Sadly, my wide size 8.5's defeat even the mighty Clarks. :(

  5. Seriously terrific finds, thank you (thank you, thank you!). I adore that first pair of Clark's so much, too (adding to my fashion wish list right this very moment).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ooo this post is great, I love these old/new comparison things!

    I like the M&S lace up pair you put last best. I really don't need any more ideas of where to spend money on myself, but it's nice to have a look!

    Porcelina xx

  7. I have those first boots, from Clarks!

    If anyone is thinking about buying them, you won't regret it - they're super comfy (even for my wide feet), just the right heel height to be practical but still look lovely, and I've had lots of nice comments on how Victorian-chic they are! :)

  8. Hi Charlotte, did you take a look at the Winter collection of Miss L Fire? There are some great shoes/boots which look exactly like the pictures from the Sears Catalogue! I already bought me a pair of Mandalay boots and got a lot of compliments on them. They fit like a glove and I have wide feet.... Thanks for the lovely comparison blog, love it! ;)

    1. I love Miss L Fire, and their Havana is a beautiful winter shoe, but it's out of stock. But I was really trying to show vintage style footwear from affordable mainstream brands, as well as the vintage reproduction companies.

      xx Charlotte

  9. Love these two posts! This is always an eternal struggle here where we may get lots of snow or absolutely frostbite-inducing cold, or an inch of slick ice, so the same winter footwear doesn't work for all circumstances (of course!). I have a couple of options I like well enough, but they still don't cover all my winter footwear needs. The hunt is always on!

  10. Why did I always think the old design are really better???? When I see modern shoes, I think the heel is awfull, I don't like color, the end is too pointy.... It's so hard to find good looking shoes for winter, a lot of firms make nice repro wedgies but nothing for cold, rainy or even snowy days... what a pity!!!!
    I ended wearing rubber boots in snow (red and plaid of course...): http://lostin1950.blogspot.fr/2012/12/let-it-snow.html

  11. I do like the last pair of boots but the heel height would kill me!

  12. Some great comparisons!!

    I really wish someone would reproduce the rubber overshoes!! They are getting so hard to find, especially in anything over a 6 or 6.5!


  13. Love this! My new fav accidental repro boot is the "Brim" by Esska. So late 30s- early 40s, it's insane! I got them in grey, but I love them so much, the black (or red!) is calling my name too. Eek, trouble!

  14. This is a perfect comparison of shoes! As much as I love original shoes, they get ruined so easily so it's great to see the look-a-likes!! :D

  15. Just stumbled onto your blog. Great posts.
    Re: vintage winter shoes. Great suggections. I managed to find a nice vintag-y pair at bhs. my problemis always getting a low enough heel as I just wobble too much in anything more than a 2inch heel.

  16. Thank you for sharing the shoes and boots now and then. It makes it easier when looking to wear vintage shoes to have something in mind to look for. Greatful!



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