Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Hat to Match

Just a little out-and-about outfit, featuring one of my final sewing projects of 2012, a beret to match my teal pencil skirt. I used an early 50s hat pattern, which also has another two designs in the same envelope (which I hope to make available as PDF soon).

Although it's still waiting for a new set of buttons (you'd be amazed how hard it is to find a set of seven 1" black Art Deco coat buttons), I wore my lovely 1940s coat, giving it a furry makeover with the cuffs I wore ice skating and a faux fur cowl collar to match.

Wool beret, made by me from a 50s pattern; 1940s coat, ebay; Wool skirt, made by me; Gloves, vintage fair; Faux fur cuffs and cowl collar, Christmas gift from Mother; Peacock rhinestone brooch, given to me by my sister; Shoes, Marks & Spencer.


  1. Gorgeous outfit - I particularly love that coat.

  2. What a lovely outfit- you look amazing!

  3. I love that this is a 'just out and about' outfit for you! You just look so glamorous all the time! xx

  4. Love this coat! x

  5. Delightful! What a wonderful color!


  6. What a lovely coat!!! It's nice to wear bright colors for our cold and rainy winter day!

  7. What a perfect coat! The stripes around the skirt really seal the deal. Ugh, hunting for buttons is always such a pain. Last time I sewed a dress, it required 15 buttons.... 2 hours at the fabric store later, and I'm still not 100% content with what I ended up with. Perhaps on the internet? Good luck! I bet you'll end up with the perfect thing.

    <3 Sara

    P.S. If you find ones you love, but they are the wrong size, you could always just take in/expand the button holes a bit!

  8. Gorgeous coat, very similar in shape to my brocade one, one of my favourite styles. I have been promising to make myself a beret for the last two years, the pattern and the velvet are still sitting there and I haven't done a thing with it! I agree about the buttons, you see some you like...even modern ones...and there are never enough for whatever you want. And that peacock brooch is absolutely wonderful, it makes my eyes gleam and my fingers twitch!

  9. I love that cowl! Did you make it yourself? I'm going to be borrowing that idea as I have four pieces of fake fur currently waiting for me to make collars (with fabric and grosgrain on the underside so I can slide scarves through). The 'mink' piece is miles long however, so I can see a cowl being made from the leftovers!

    1. I didn't make the cowl, it was a Christmas present - though of course it would be pretty simple to imitate. It's very cosy!

      xx Charlotte

  10. Absolutely elegant, cheerful and gorgeous! I've always loved punchy shads of blue and pink/coral together, as you've done here. It's such a joy to see your outfits, as we share a passion for colour and often enjoy blending two or more notable hues in the same outfit.

    ♥ Jessica


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