Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shop my hat collection!

Hat storage was starting to become a real problem, so I've selected some of my collection for sale: I've listed several on ebay - the first lot ends tomorrow, so hurry and get your bid in!

1980s wine velvet veiled pillbox

A note on shipping: As hats are easily damaged, I'll have to ship them in boxes. This inevitably raises the postage costs as cardboard boxes can be quite heavy, though of course it also means that more than one hat can ship in the same box for very little extra. All the postage costs listed are rough estimates (I'll refund any excess if it turns out I've overcharged) and include tracking (£1 within UK, £5 international).


  1. What lovely hats... such a shame you're selling them really, but at least other people get to enjoy them.

    1. Yeah, they're all lovely, they just don't suit me! So it's time to make more space for the things I DO wear.

      xx C

  2. Oh, they are so nice! That's also a big problem for me... how to store my vintage hats... but I love hats so much that I cannot not buy them... I love the red and the white ones!!!

  3. Great collection - off to new homes and giving you some cash to buy new ones *wink*

  4. ohh soo much gorgousness!


  5. Be still my vintage hat loving heart!!! Ohhhh, curse the giant (scary big, let me tell you) car repair bill we got hit with (again - *sigh*) this week. I'd so, so love to have added at least one of these magnificent beauties to my collection (such as the satin bonnet or white straw platter hat), but don't foresee that being possible at the moment (sorry).

    Wishing you the best of luck with your auctions,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oooh. Be still my heart. I love that last one with the big bunch of cherries. If I had somewhere that I thought I'd wear it I'd definitely be on my way to buy it.


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