Sunday, January 20, 2013

{Style Inspiration} The News in Tartan & Tweed

In honour of the upcoming Burns Night celebration on the 25th, this week's Sunday Style Inspiration is all about tartans, plaids and tweed from the late 50s. In case you're wondering the difference, the term plaid covers all woven checked fabrics, while tartan tends to be applied only to those associated with a particular Scottish clan, group or organisation (though in fact anyone can register a tartan).

Love the colours! 1958

A tweed suit with the right accessories exudes understated elegance, 1957

Tartan and tweed skirts, 1958

I'm in love with the little shoulder capelet on the left-hand jacket! 1957

Variety in plaid and tweed skirts: Slim, circular, gathered or unpressed pleats. 1957


  1. I love to see all those different skirt variations with plaid fabric!

  2. oohhh how gorgeous are those tartan skirts in the 3rd image! I especially adore the grey one! Adore adore!


  3. Oh, I should like very much to register a tartan of my own some day. Wouldn't that be marvelous for plaid and tartan fans such as us?

    These skirts are so lovely! I have a plaid flannel a-line skirt that though not very flattering on me at all (sometimes a-lines and circle skirts, aren't, but I love them to pieces all the same), that I'll be wearing on the 25th to celebrate Burns Night in spirit with those on the other side of the pond.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Love the top left-hand skirt with the matching neck-tie and I'm with you on the shoulder capelet on that suit - swoon!

  5. I love a plaid skirt. I have a very similar one to the very top left hand image (but 80s granny rather than genuine 50s) - I wear it constantly to work. Mind you I also have a grey one with blue in it (wore it to the very rainy Olympaid a while back), and an almost circular pleated one in browns and oranges. Plus the one drying on my clothes airer today... cheeky YMCA chazza find (£2, 70s) yesterday... oh dear I am addicted. In my defence my latest find is charcoal so will match anything and HAS POCKETS. And it was £2 LOL.

  6. Oh those circle skirts in plaid have got my heart pitter pattering. ;)

  7. Not only can you register your own tartan, but in Canada you can register your own coat of arms as well!

  8. Hi, Charlotte!

    Loved the post, as always, and I thought you'd like to know that you made my list of nominees for the "Versatile Blogger" award! Your blog is one of the cutest things out there, and you can read about the award here:

    Happy sewing,

  9. That cape suit is just lovely. For a long time I couldn't stand the sight of tartan, but I think it was because of over familiarity, being Scottish, and all those dreadful tourist tat things etc, quite vile! But I have come round to it a bit more recently, I have a couple of unusual skirts via Per Una in plaid rather than tartan that are favourites now.


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