Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Woolies Knitting Pattern - 1945

IT'S SNOWING!!! It's been coming down thick and fast since about 9 this morning and I can't wait to get some snowy outfit photos!

In celebration of the winter wonderland, I thought I'd post this knitting pattern from January 1945 - how cute is this for a snow day outfit? The intro's so sweet: "The problem of coupons often means you can't stretch them to a coat for the country, so why not copy our cover girl and wear an attractive sweater, cap and mitts?"

The sweater is sized for a 36" bust, but if you're a clever knitting lady you'll no doubt be able to figure out how to size up or down.


  1. Its final I must learn to knit! I need one of these sweaters!!!

  2. I finally have snow too, and I am so happy about it! Now it just needs to stay cold for a bit so that the ponds freezes enough I can go ice skating! The sweater is super cute, but I'll have to get a bit better at knitting before i can tackle something like that..

  3. Three cheers for snowy weather! Chalk it up to the Canuck blood in my veins, but I rather love snow and have really, really been enjoying taking some outfit snaps in it this year. Can't wait to see yours, dear Charlotte.

    Have a marvelous (snowy) weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. What a wonderful picture and wonderful sweater. I found the reference to coupons and the thought of being unable to get a big winter coat quite poignant... Something that seems like such a basic and sometimes tiresome wardrobe staple to us today... How lucky we are!

  5. I am so envious because it hasn't in Scotland, at least not in the West, harrumph! I do like snow and I always feel a bit cheated if we don't get some come Winter. I was delighted with those two really snowy winters we had, while everyone else moaned and groaned.

  6. I love this, how perfect would it be with a full circle skirt for ice skating?! I really wish we had the climate here to wear these :( And there is no way I would have this knitted up before our skating date in Feb!


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