Friday, February 22, 2013

London Town

A while back I was contacted by Swagger & Swoom to ask if I would be interested in one of their bow ties or cravats. They sell a vast selection of silk and cotton bow ties in both self-tie and pre-tied, and a wide variety of cravats in traditional silk paisleys, wool tartans and more - as well as other gentlemen's accessories including braces, handkerchiefs, cummerbunds, cufflinks, and some rather snazzy socks.

With so much choice I found it difficult to narrow down my selection, but eventually opted for the London Icons design.

I didn't think I could carry off the Marlene Dietrich androgynous look, so rather than wear it the traditional way I lengthened the adjustable straps and wore the bow tie as a headband. I like repurposing items and finding new ways to wear them. I mean, I know it's hardly revolutionary, but it's good to remind oneself to think outside the box when accessorising - whether it's a scarf for a belt, a brooch as a buckle, or a bow tie as a headband.

Printed cotton bow tie (worn as headband), Swagger & Swoon; Wool cardigan, estate of a family friend; vintage cashmere sweater, charity shop; 90s skirt, charity shop; Belt, can't remember (car boot or charity shop); Gloves, Tesco; Shoes, from my own shop stock (some sizes still available - enquire if interested).

Do you have a top tip for outside-the-box accesorising?


  1. I do like a nice bow-tie :) And your new hair :)

  2. you look sharp as a pin in this outfit!
    for the tip:
    sometimes i wear a mens tie (cravat) as a bow around my neck with a collared blouse......

  3. Bows make everything prettier :) I love the red dress with the black and white polka dot heels, so gorgeous!

  4. I wore a long scarf the other day as a sash. Not super revolutionary, but I thought it looked cool! The fringe on the end gave it a nice touch.

  5. Looks perfect on you as a headband. Very pretty!

  6. I bought a red polka dot bow-tie for exactly the same purpose a while back. Hmmmm, where is it? You look really cute with this bow tie in your hair!
    Oh and thanks re the Aquascutumn skirt!!! I will check out the dating post!x

  7. As Doctor Who himself says, "Bow ties are cool"! Love the headband idea - looks fabulous!

  8. What a clever, wonderful way to sports a menswear bow tie. Cute-as-a-button ensemble from bow tie adorned head-to-toe, sweet Charlotte.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Your bow goes so nicely with your hair! Fab!

  10. Oh goodness, is that ever cute?! Love the one you picked!


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