Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Hair Day

A little outfit post from a few weeks back when we last saw some sunshine! The British weather has been really living up to its reputation these past few weeks (months!) and it's been pretty horrible. But back at the beginning of May we had a very brief respite from the cold and grey, and I managed to grab these pics. Mostly I'm proud of my hairstyle - I have no idea how I got it to do that and I'm sure I couldn't recreate it, but at least there are photos.

This skirt you've seen before - it's a firm favourite and been in regular rotation throughout winter and spring - it's fun trying to find new ways to wear it. I love that the fact it's quilted makes it completely winter-appropriate, but the floral print and fresh colours mean it's not too heavy-looking for spring so I can continue wearing it long after my beloved telephone skirt has been relegated to the winter wardrobe.

Yeah, I totally got photobombed by next door's cat Coco.

Outfit details: 50s quilted circle sirt, etsy; top, charity shop; necklace, I've had it since I was five; Gloves, car boot sale.


  1. You've every right to be proud of that do - it looks fab!

  2. This skirt is gorgeous... I have only one quilted circle skirt also with a floral design but I keep it for winter...
    We have exactly the same weather in France, it snowed not so far away from home... it's CRAZY!!!

  3. Wow, that skirt is looks sooo cozy..I'm totes jealous! Super cute blog :)

  4. your hair is really perfect!
    i wish my tresses would behave like this, just for one day - when i need it!
    but every time i want to go out the hair don´t want to be elegant........

    quilted circle is on the list for next winter - the to sew list.

  5. That looks fantastic. I imagine the skirt is very nice and warm ? That is great with this horrible weather at the moment. I believe you have as bad a weather as we have in The Netherlands ?
    Your hair looks wonderful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Awww, I just love that you've had that necklace since you were five years old. I have a couple of little jewelry pieces that I've had since I was a wee youngster, too.

    Beautiful outfit, honey - that skirt makes me go weak in the knees (I madly adore quilted 1950s garments).

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Your outfit is super sweet! Love the hair-love when good hair days happen hehe xox


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