Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For Sale!

I've been doing a bit of listing on ebay - including some items from my own wardrobe - nearly all on very low start prices so there's a good chance of grabbing a bargain!

50s Style Apple Print Dress
Bust 38" / Waist 27" / Hips full

Nautical novelty print 1940s blouse
Bust 34-36" / Waist 32"

1940s Navy Rayon Crepe Dress with Shirred Shoulders
Bust 40" / Waist 29.5" / Hips 41"

Red and white polka dot playsuit
Bust 40" / Waist 32" / Hips 40"

70s-does-30s Strawberry print dress
Bust 32" / Waist 26" / Hips 36"

Vintage 50s-60s Floral Day Dress
Bust 40" / Waist 31" / Hips full


  1. The floral day dress, divine. And yes I am bidding ;)

  2. Splendidly pretty pieces - I love the diverse array of charming patterns featured amongst them. Strawberries, flowers, polka dots, a nautical print - it's like my dream capsule wardrobe! :)

    Wishing you all the very best with your sales,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hello Charlotte
    can you please email me the tutorial for the record person that you posted a while ago my email is twylerc@hotmail.com

    1. I meant record purse. ( talk to text always messes up on me

  4. Charlotte,
    I fell for Nautical novelty print 1940s blouse
    However, with the Bust Size being 34-36 (that I'm not.. unfortunately!) I can only say: I wish the one who wears it enjoys every minute of it!


  5. sadly i was too late for the auction on the apple dress and the nautical blouse. both pieces are so lovely.


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