Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rosa Parks

I've posted Horrible Histories songs before - I love them, they work really well as pop songs while also being both hilarious and edumacational, like. Here's one of their newer ones which I just came across on youtube, The Rosa Parks song.

I also can't resist adding one of my all-time favourite HH songs, Dick Turpin Highwayman (plus, Mat Baynton: f--- yes.)


  1. These are just fantastic! They remind me a bit of a new TV series on Comedy Central called Drunk History wherein celebrities get drunk (for real) and recount various historical events, while they're acted out (not at the same time, the actors words are synced to the actors who portraying the event) by different (often very well know) actors. Its's goofy as all get out, but much like these songs, oodles of fun. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have never come across these before so thank you for posting them, they are great. I love that the Dick Turpin one references 'Stand and Deliver'.

    1. I'm so pleased to have introduced you to them! Most of their songs allude to pop songs (check out the Lady Gaga-inspired "Cleopatra" and the Alicia Keyes-esque "New World" - hilarious!)


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