Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuppence Ha'penny Goes Stateside

Next Thursday I'll be heading out to San Francisco, followed by Portland, Oregon on the 15th. Needless to say I'm terribly excited! Suggestions, recommendations and meet-ups all welcome!


  1. Oh, how lucky you are. It's my dream to go to all the English speaking countries sometime but I only managed to go to England by now. I wish you a very happy, adventurous, exciting trip. And I'm looking forward to seeing photos and reading reports about your holiday in the USA.

  2. Definitely britex in San Francisco. And for a fun outdoor tea, the Japanese tea garden in Golden Gate Park. And if you need a friend for tea I would meet you.

  3. San Fransisco- Jelly Belly Factory (think Bertie's Botts), Little Italy, and a walk down that famous switch back road....(sorry, I can't think of the name)
    Portland- voodoo doughnuts

    sorry my suggestions are mostly food related!

  4. Height - the old hippy area -in SF has great vintage and 2nd hand shops. Also the zoo, wharf and aquariums are touristy but good.

  5. Oh dear, I had this nice post, then had a correction and somehow only the correction got posted, so ignore my first comment and here goes again!

    San Francisco:
    The Wharf, Scoma's on the pier for the best seafood and sourdough bread ever, Hyde street pier for the old ships and the wharf in general for tourist fun, the red and white cruises on the bay & to Alcatraz, (My Grandfather built the Harbor Queen), The Cable cars, Coit tower, The De Young museum, Lombard Street, (that's the twisty one), China town for the best food outside of China, Jade, silks, emboideries, laces, fans, etc., Haight & Ashbury where once flower power reigned in the 60's and now there are cool shops and food, Ghiradelli Square for more fun shops and the best chocolate, Golden Gate Park, the zoo, tea gardens, Arboretum, Golden Gate Bridge, definately Britex to ooh and ahh over some of the world's best (and most expensive) fabrics, be sure to see all floors,
    If you are able to travel about a little, Monterey Bay and the aquarium, Carmel-by-the-sea, Muir Redwoods, Yosemite National Park. These are just a few of the many wonderful things to do, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, and never have seen it all. Prepare to fall in love with this Queen of the West, my favorite city in all the world.

    Portland: The West's crown princess, Prepare to fall in love again. #1 Powell's City of Books (a full city block of heaven for the book lover), Voodoo donuts and the Saturday Market, Washington Park for roses, Japanese Garden and the Pittock Mansion, Portland Art Museum, Omsi science museum, Paddlewheel steamboats on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, International Rose Test Gardens, Salty's on the Columbia for more great Seafood, Alexis on Burnside for great Greek food, Vintage shops all over the city, just do a google search, And best of all a fabric lovers dream city. Pendelton Woolen Mills outlet on Mcloughlin Blvd with Mill Ends Outlet across the street, (be sure to check the back right hand clearance corner), The Fabric Depot a huge and fabulous store on other side of town SE 122nd (be sure to check the outside clearance area.) Near Powell's is the Button Emporium and Ribbonry on SW Taylor, a must see. While you are in the area of Burnside where Powell's is, eat at Kornblatt's deli 628 NW 23rd Avenue for the best Rueben Sandwiches ever and real New York cheesecake, (they fly it in from NY) be sure they put the pickle crock on your table, and lots of fun shops on this street too. For out of the city, see Mount Hood Lodge, Multanomah Falls, Astoria and the End of the Trail Museum in Oregon City.

    So since I grew up in California and now live in Southern Oregon, I may be just the teensiest bit predjudiced, but I don't believe you could have picked prettier spots to visit! I have seen quite a bit though and even lived in England for a few years.
    Have a lovely time on the far side of "across the Pond", and Welcome

  6. I hope you have safe travels in SF! And I can't wait to see you once you're in PDX!


  7. have a good time! portland is so amazing. perfect for vintage shopping.

  8. I'm a long time reader and first time poster, but wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, and had missed seeing posts for a while. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration. Hope you have a great trip, and can't wait to read all about it!

  9. Soooooooooooooooooooooo envious! Have a fab time!

  10. That is so, so fabulously exciting! I've always wanted to see both and hope I can follow your lead one day.

    Have a safe, happy, awesome trip!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I live in British Columbia here on Canada's Pacific coast, so we'll both be in the same time zone while you in the States. So cool! :)

  11. I've read you blog for a while, but this is my first time commenting as the topic has compelled me to do so. I'm an Oregon native and have lived in Portland for the past 10 years. Portland is a wonderful city! There are definitely some vintage shopping gems around town and the food options are absolutely endless! There are literally good vintage and antique shops in almost every part of town and prices range from bargains to collector prices. If you want to know some of my faves I'm more than happy to give some recommendations based on where in town you'll be. Portland is a pretty easy city to get around in once you understand the layout, so exploring the city can be a lot of fun. If you are wanting a great weekend brunch experience go to Screen Door on East Burnside. Literally everything is good and is worth the sometimes hour and a half wait (fried chicken on a sweet potato waffle = pure heaven). You also MUST go to the the Powell's flagship store on W. Burnside if you love books even a little. If you are looking to do something outside of the city, think about a trip to Multnomah Falls. It's a nice hike to the top of the falls and the Columbia River Gorge is a truly beautiful and magical place. Crown Point and Vista House are also lovely if you are in the Gorge. The Oregon coast is also close and can be a wonderful day trip.

  12. ....You gonna make it up to Seattle? Let me know if you do! I certainly have vintage recommendations, and it would be lovely to meet you!

    xo Sara

  13. Hey - I used to live in SF and just wrote you this very long hilarious guide to my hidden favorites, but then my computer was an idiot and decided that it needed to create some momentary chaos, and alas, it is gone. I have many opinions and tips for almost anything! Especially if you love book stores and farmers markets. Oh yeah and every food or drink ever.

    I really found this blog because I was reading about your vinyl repurposing and I'd like to do a few different things with some HILARIOUS LPs I found at a thrift shop and have a couple specific questions. Also, since you're into this kind of thing anyway (I just started as kind of a way of cheaply making a new dwelling awesome and wonder if you'd like to have some dialogue about where to go with some materials I picked up - all amazing. (the tragic part is that a burst pipe in my basement rendered my NES - yes the one I received as a child - the same one. Well. Yeah, it was rendered useless, which broke my heart because I spent so much of my life blowing into those damn games feeling like a true mechanic as I booted up my Mario 3. So - I have a number of things that I think would be cool and after browsing what feels like the eternal internet, you seemed like a good person to talk to about this! So - SF or my junk - let's talk! - Katie


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