Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh my god I have found the luggage of my dreams!

I enjoy travel. I travel a lot. Especially being in a transatlantic long-distance relationship for the past year (sounds super glamorous and jet-set - and actually yeah it kind of is - but let me tell you it is hard. And expensive). But my luggage is, well, not exactly glamorous. I've had my little black Samsonite for going on 15 years now, and it has served me dutifully and uncomplainingly around the UK and Europe, through far-flung corners of Southeast Asia and back and forth to California. But at this point it has seen better days, and as I'm preparing to go to New York next week (oh yeah, I'm going to New York next week - any vintage-y recommendations?) I've been thinking it's about time I got something a little more, you know, me. My vintage luggage is gorgeous and wonderful, but those suitcases are heavy enough empty, and when stuffed with clothes they weigh an actual ton - and since I sadly have to travel without a butler it makes them more than a little impractical.

So - and forgive me if I'm a little behind the curve here - enter Steamline Luggage, suitcases which combine vintage glamour with the modern practicality of wheels and a pull handle.

Seriously, perfect. Yes, they do also carry quite a price tag, but since my last case kept me going for 15 years I figure I can allow myself a bit of indulgence. I might have to get one. And I might have to get some retro luggage labels to go on it.

So now I just need to decide on a colour...


  1. WOW! Now I am envious, those suitcases are seriously gorgeous. But you are right, if you use it that much and for so long, you can treat yourself to these beauties. I also have vintage suitcases, not that heavy, but they are without wheels. I do also have a husband who is supposed to carry it, haha. :) Do tell more of your glamorous travelling and show us which luggage you bought.

  2. They're cool! How heavy though?

  3. Aw wow, those are gorgeous! I wanted to buy a suitcase like that a while back but I let myself be convinced that it wasn't practical (it was heavy like you said, and no pull strap). If those hit all the buttons you should totally treat yourself.

  4. I never bring vintage suitcases in planes not because they are too heavy but because they are so bad treated! You are lucky to have had the same suitcase since 15 years... I had on samsonite broken 5 years ago, 2 others since then... So I decided to buy cheap ones...
    New-York is expensive for vintage, if you can go to flea markets it's more affordable. There are a shop in Brooklyn, I cannot remember its name, that is good and affordable. Enjoy!

  5. Oh, Steamline Luggage. I came across them when I was having exactly the same thoughts as you a while ago - i.e. my luggage does NOT suit my usual style and personality at all. (In fact, my friends have expressed horror at how out of keeping my luggage is with my look.) I didn't get quite as far as your argument of longevity and so didn't bite the bullet. But you make a very fine point...

  6. That's perfect indeed for a vintage lady who is traveling!

  7. Oh my, those are beautiful. Vintage luggage can be so damn heavy when filled, I know. I hope you get to indulge and share pictures of them in use.

    She Knits in Pearls

  8. I have such a fondness for vintage luggage, but never tried to actually travel with it. This is SO COOL!

  9. I am old enough to remember carrying a vintage suitcase . It's hard , they bang on your legs and just about pull your shoulder joint apart . These do look lovely though . I would use them as storage but a suitcase on wheels with a pull out handle has just seen me through a great 6 week holiday without much trauma to my psyche or body . There is a reason they are vintage !,:)


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