Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin picking

I cannot TELL you how excited I was for my first visit to a pumpkin patch. We don't really have them - not in the same way as America has them. All the years I've spent envying the pumpkin patch photos of scrapbookers and pinteresters...

So when we took a day trip to Long Island, pumpkins were high on the agenda. The pumpkins at Schmitt Farm did not disappoint. It was brilliant, and we went on the hayride and everything. And the size of those things! "Look!" I'd exclaim, "giant pumpkins". And he'd say, "no dear, those are just pumpkins".

Outfit details: Dress, handmade by me (blog post coming soon); Celluloid leaf earrings (worn as dress clips), ebay; Jacket, Red Light Clothing Exchange in Portland; Shoes, Office; Bakelite and plastic bangles, various; Earrings and necklace, gifts from my sweetheart.


  1. Seriously gorgeous outfit and photos, sweet gal!!! I love the way that these sweet, feminine shades of butter yellow and candy pink so perfectly compliment the bevy of bright orange pumpkins all around you.

    Have a fabulous tail end of October and very happy Halloween,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love your outfit, Charlotte! I agree with Jessica, the colors of your outfit compliment the pumpkins SO well!
    So, did you get a nice sized pumpkin for yourself?

  3. Awesome dress! Looking forward to the 'how I made it' post. The yellow and pink remind me so happily of sweets...


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