Sunday, March 15, 2015

Below zero vintage style

What to wear when it's cold beyond cold, but you don't want to sacrifice style? Get your snow boots on and layer up. It was -20C (below zero Farenheit) while I was in Michigan in February, but you know, that's no reason to sacrifice style! Cosy up with layers of wool, cashmere, fur and thermals - and okay the snow boots aren't very vintage, but the snow was over a foot deep in places, so needs must.

A very different look for the same sheepskin hat / faux fur bolero combo which I wore for our engagement celebration.

The reason I look a bit trepidatious is that I'm actually standing on the frozen river Huron, and the thickness of the ice was a bit dubious as it was relatively mild weather only a few days previous. But I'm pleased to say it held.

Outfit details: sheepskin hat, ebay; faux fur bolero, ebay; wool and cashmere cableknit gloves, ebay; cashmere cardigan, Cath Kidston; thermal camisole and leggings, Marks & Spencer; snow boots, Salomon; heavy wool circle skirt, handmade by me.


  1. Love that last picture! :) You look like you're having the best time!


  2. Wow! -20C! You were brave to be out in such temperatures - but great to see how you still looked glamorous!

    I think I would have been in trousers at the very least.

  3. What a lovely outfit! And to think I was upset when we had single digit wind chills! ha

  4. You looked amazing! Much more stylish than my approach to cold temps, which is to throw on every coat I have...

  5. You seem very happy, which is lovely to see!

  6. You got some height on that jump!!!! I like the combination of items. Stylish but warm!x

  7. YOU are sew cute in the circle skirts. Dang it makes me want to try. Well, actually I did make one and it got placed into the "To The Thrift Store" plastic bag this morning. I just can't work it out with my 46" hips. I will have to figure something out though for an early Summer trip to NYC and Walkill, NY this June. Sigh. The plan is to make several vintage style skirts and tops for touring the city. Something has got to look okay on my fannie.

    Thank you for the eye candy, Tuppence.



  8. What beautiful colors ~ both in your outfit and in the scenery around you! I love that hat and bolero combination, fluffy white pouf makes my heart happy... I think you have great snow style, and the boots just make sense. :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  9. The color combination is absolutely fabulous! You look so adorable!
    x Angela //

  10. Super fun winter ensemble - you make me think of the sunsets that are so lacking (around these parts at least) from fall to the start of spring and of the importance of using colour to keep a sense of vitality alive in your own world all season long.

    ♥ Jessica


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