Sunday, March 15, 2015

Below zero vintage style

What to wear when it's cold beyond cold, but you don't want to sacrifice style? Get your snow boots on and layer up. It was -20C (below zero Farenheit) while I was in Michigan in February, but you know, that's no reason to sacrifice style! Cosy up with layers of wool, cashmere, fur and thermals - and okay the snow boots aren't very vintage, but the snow was over a foot deep in places, so needs must.

A very different look for the same sheepskin hat / faux fur bolero combo which I wore for our engagement celebration.

The reason I look a bit trepidatious is that I'm actually standing on the frozen river Huron, and the thickness of the ice was a bit dubious as it was relatively mild weather only a few days previous. But I'm pleased to say it held.

Outfit details: sheepskin hat, ebay; faux fur bolero, ebay; wool and cashmere cableknit gloves, ebay; cashmere cardigan, Cath Kidston; thermal camisole and leggings, Marks & Spencer; snow boots, Salomon; heavy wool circle skirt, handmade by me.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snowy Valentine's Day Engagement Shoot

Did I mention, I'm engaged! We had an engagement 'ceremony' on Valentine's Day in snowy Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although I never had any interest in being a winter bride (I like summer and warm weather too much!), the romantic setting of Island Park, Ann Arbor was like a magical winter wonderland in the snow. It was cold beyond any cold I've ever known, mind you - zero degrees Farenheit / minus 17 C on the day! It even blizzarded in the morning.

Because of various personal reasons, the engagement party was like a 'mini wedding', which meant I got to play with the winter wonderland wedding theme. However, I wasn't going to wear a white dress (first, I wanted to show up against the snowy scenery, and also I wanted to save the white dress for the actual wedding, which will come later), so it was a great opportunity to live the dream of that dress which features on everyone's pinterest. We kept the florals simple - I made my bouquet (which I LOVED) with baby's breath and pinecones which we foraged in the woods (we also had vases of baby's breath and mini pinecones around the house for the party). I won't deny, I did feel like a princess.

Outfit details: Tutu skirt, made to order Tutus Chic Originals; rubber boots, Spats; merino wool tights, Transparenze Gennifer from; gold sequin tube top, ebay; faux fur bolero, ebay; sheepskin hat, ebay seller tomdorsue; vintage gloves, car boot sale; faux pearl necklace, borrowed from Will's mother; crochet lace and sequin trim on bouquet, Tiger.


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